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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by Laugh with Ash!

I'm Ashlee.

I am first and foremost a mommy and wife to the best boys in the world. Second to that, I work full time and go to school. Consider me a busy little bumble bee.

I am a middle child, to which I credit many of my quirks and favorite things about myself. I am at most times a little awkward, and more often than not, just plain weird. I find the time to laugh at myself and all the things around me. This world is just a little crazy and if you can't laugh you're way through the ups and downs, well.. good luck.

I married my husband (and the Marine Corps) in 2009.  My relationship with my husband is nothing but love, as for the Marine Corps.. it is certainly a Love/Hate kinda thing. Living the military lifestyle is truly a rollercoaster ride and something that cannot be understood until you've lived it.

With this blog, I hope to do a few things.

To Connect. - I hope to share and connect with others who can just enjoy or relate to my thoughts, ideas, and the day to day of my life. And hopefullly vice versa. 

& To Stay Connected. - For now, the military has sent us overseas, which, at times, has made communication with friends and family a little difficult. I hope they can follow my adventures and get a glimpse of our life on the other side of the world.

To Learn. - I truly believe we learn something new everyday, no matter how big or small.  Writing my thoughts, feelings, or even just documenting my daily adventures helps me see the bigger picture. It allows me to get a glimpse "from the front porch, lookin' in." I hope to learn about myself, to improve myself.

Laugh with Ash is new, but with time it will surely grow.

Please be patient with me as I get things sorted out and I promise more posts will be coming soon! =)


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