Bloglovin' & Agena Castle Ruins

Guess what?! I've joined the club...

But here's one of our latest adventures,
Agena Castle Ruins

Everything is written in Kanji.. so I have no idea what these say!

 Cherry Blossoms starting to bloom =)

Love this picture of my handsome little man! 

We went here because it is close to our house, like walking distance close. The ruin grounds are small and not really worth the trip if you're not nearby or a serious history buff, but my kiddo definitely ran around a bunch and burned some serious energy so it was a successful day for us! 


  1. What a very cool place to visit!
    Oh ... and I've been following you via bloglovin forever!! LOL

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. I had no idea that was even possible, but there were several people already following my blog via bloglovin'!!

  2. I love little hidden places to explore! And cherry blossoms in bloom. I hope you posts lots of pictures when they are in full bloom. Cherry blossoms are so pretty. And that picture of your son in the grass is very cute. You should enlarge it and hang it on your wall!


  3. That place looks so cool! I'm jealous that you have real live ruins in walking distance of your house. It looks like a great place to go take tons of photos!