Look Up and See the Fireworks

Tonight I went for a run to clear my head of some pretty dark things. For some reason the past crept in and was haunting me like Casper. I went for a run (which I hate doing) and I pushed through the suck. I mean, it really sucked. Really.

And then as I was running, head toward the ground, deep in thought.. someone yelled from their front porch, "Look up and see the fireworks!" Who me? Is that you vodka? .. I looked up and sure enough there on the horizon were fireworks cracking and lighting up the midnight sky. How had I missed the booms? I let out a short laugh and turned back to yell "Thank you!" The voice surprised me again with, "It'll give you something nice to look up at!"

Okay, for real God? I swear he does these things to get a little chuckle to himself. But how true that voice was. What a simple and literal statement yet with such a profound meaning for me. For in that moment of deep thought as I ran, I questioned "why?" Why me? Why do I have to do these things? Why is this happening? Why now? And whatever "this" is isn't really the point. The point is that I questioned and I questioned how I could find the strength to follow through. 

The answer was pretty simple and thankfully someone was nice enough to shout it out for me. Look up and see the fireworks. The fireworks ended a minute or two later and I did another lap around the neighborhood as I let that sink in. As I came back around to the house where the woman yelled to me, I thought I might really thank her for the pick me up, but she had already gone in for the night. A few more houses down and I felt a tug in my hip.. great a pulled muscle is not what I needed. It hurt a little and I slowed to a walk with my hands on my hips. Naturally I lifted my head to the sky and then I saw it. The sky filled with countless stars. An endless amount of twinkling fireworks. 

Ohhh, that's what God meant.
In Genesis 26:4, God told Abraham, "I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars..." 

We are the stars. We are the fireworks, my friends.
Whatever has you down today, forget it. 
Look up and see who we are. 
Look up and see the fireworks!

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