Missing the Snow.

I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday celebrations. I know I did! 
I loved watching my sons face light up and spending time with both my babies and my wonderful husband. 

And I got a Macbook Pro, so I'm one happy girl =)

Christmas really is my favorite Holiday. I love cooking all kinds of food ( even if it takes me forever and destroys my kitchen!) I love having friends over (since our family is so far away). And I really love gift exchanges! 

It's hard though. 

It's hard to force myself into the holiday spirit when it's 60 degrees and sunny! I know, I know.. I really shouldn't be complaining. But I grew up with snow and white Christmases with hot chocolate and sledding. 

I feel that my kids need all of that. .. I did keep the AC to make it feel extra cold =)  Though i'm not sure if it made a difference. 

But I want that. 
I want to snuggle in Pj's and warm socks under tons of blankies and drink hot cocoa on Christmas eve while we watch Christmas movies and wait for Santa to come! 

This is our last Christmas here in Okinawa, still no clue as to where we're headed next, but I'm hoping for somewhere with snow.. and I never thought I'd say that, but it's for my kids. For the Christmas experience! 

Happy Holidays everyone! 


  1. I hope you get your snow soon friend! Enjoy your holidays in Okinawa for now :)


    1. It's funny how the world works!! Our friends invited us to see lights at the zoo and they had a snow area!! with real snow!! errr, man made real snow? Same thing. It was snow!

  2. Found you on the Monday Mingle. Followed via GFC and Twitter. Would love a follow back. Merry Christmas!