Secret Santa!

I'm super excited that Christmas is two days away!!!

I love gift-giving and usually do a few secret/dirty santa gift exchanges every year. I've already done two this year, and we always have on at our Christmas Dinner with the marines. 

This year, however, is my first time EVER participating in a bloggy secret santa!!!

Due to the outrageous influx of mail during the holidays, plus living overseas, plus some crazy strike for mail handlers in Tokyo last week... I have't received mine yet. So stay tuned.

My favorite part really is giving though, so I was uber excited to see that Erin over at Keep Calm & Sparkle received her gifts and is enjoying them all =)

And i just have to know... 
The game where you draw numbers and then take gifts in that order and have the choice to steal... 
Do you call it a Dirty Santa or White Elephant? 
It's a white elephant where I'm from but I've had to convert to please the masses... 
it's pop not soda! =)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVED my gifts!!! :)

    I call it Dirty Santa but most people I know call it White Elephant...tomatoe, tamoto - we get the idea!

    Thanks again!!