Are we there yet? : 39 weeks

Seriously? Are we there yet?

 I am the most impatient person in the world, and pregnancy recieves no special treatment! I am ready to be done with pregnancy and more importantly, welcome my new baby boy.
Today I am 39 weeks, officially. ONE MORE TO GO! And of course I'm hoping it is less.
I started my maternity leave from work earlier this week and am eagerly waiting.
With K I tried every gimmick I read about online to get him to come early.. except castor oil. There is no way you'll ever find me drinking that. I did eat three whole pineapples in one sitting though, and I'm pretty sure that worked...and it left my mouth raw and numb for a week.
I haven't tried so many this time around, but I've definately been walking and seducing my husband more than usual! I'm told those are the two best methods to get the baby out.. I obviousy haven't had any luck yet.
As impatient as I am, I cannot complain. This pregnancy (as well as my last one) has been easy. There were days where I honestly forgot I was pregnant until little guy would kick me square in the ribs.
Morning sickness was minimal and late night cravings never existed. Yes, yes... all that cake that I blamed on the baby... well, I just needed an excuse!
I've only gained 20 pounds and have suffered no swelling! I can still do the daily things I did before, and just yesterday I hiked up a castle ruin (post on that coming soon!).
I suppose I am lucky because pregnancy has not ruined my day to day nor has it made me overly uncomfortable.
I am just impatient. I want the excitement now. I want my baby, now. 
And in two weeks you will find me saying that I miss this.
I will miss the baby rolling around in my belly.
Oh pregnancy, the things you do to me.
What about you? What was/is your pregnancy like?
Anyone as impatient as me?
Did you try to "self-induce" labor? How?


  1. Hiya! I'm popping over from the You Like Me! bloghop. Yeah I enjoyed being pregnant twice, I had no morning sickness or much discomfort. Good luck giving birth!!
    I'm the author of Cocktails at Naptime so pop over for a cocktail when you're no longer nursing!

  2. Thanks Emma, I'll be sure to kee everyone posted around here when the little guy makes his entrance... and I'm definately going to need a cocktail after birth and nursing!

  3. Hope you see the end soon :).
    I was terrible and being pregnant and I hated it, but I also always had my babies early, so I guess it worked out a little. I always envied women who could just pull it off while I was waddling around with swollen everything and squished lungs :P. Enjoy your last few days as much as you can and I hope delivery goes smoothly for you!

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Come visit me whenever you get a chance! :)

    Both of my little ones came a week early... it was VERY hard for me to gain weight, so I didn't have swelling until AFTER I had them (the meds + fluids at the hospital)... Best wishes! You'll see your little one soon! :)

    ♥ Shar

  5. Found you from the hop! Whoooo, 39 weeks! Your almost there! How stinkin exciting! {We're working on getting prego}
    Feel free to check me out on 14sixty.blogspot.com


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I had the baby Monday, so I may be a little scarce for a bit but I'll be around and I'll be checking out your blog =)!