Linked-Up: Me, Myself and I

I'm still a little lost wandering around the blogging world.. who knew it could be so big and full of all things wonderful and crazy?
Every blog I visit I find "linky" posts or something to that extent. Just another way to network, but HOW COOL!
Anyway, here is my first linked-up post.

1. When you're feeling down, what do you do to pick yourself up?
Easy. I bake, because baking means eating something delicious! There was never a brownie or peice of cake that couldn't cheer me up.. I guess that's just the inner fat kid in me! =)
2. If you had to live in another time period, which would it be?
I love the 80's, the big hair, spandex and cutoff sweaters.. but I'm totally a hippie at heart.
I'm also a romance novel addict and I get so wrapped up in the one that take place centuries ago! I'd love to live by candelight and travel everywhere on foot or horseback, sometimes I think our lives are just too overcrowded. We miss so much by being bombarded with technology.
3. What is the most creative halloween costume you've ever worn?

I'm so proud of my toga!! This was a few years ago when I first got married and had no money!! I put the whole outfit together myself, using a sheet I already had and a few cheap accessories from Michael's. I think I spent less than $10.00 and it was CUTE!
4. FIVE Wierd things we wouldn't know about you without being told?
1. I am seriously scared of the dark, I still sleep with a night light!
2. I wash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.. my only germophobic habit.
3. Since I moved to Japan, I've developed a weird obsession for elephants... I'm not even sure why I love them so much.
4. I am self-concious about my height. Sometimes I make my husband measure ourselves against the wall and mark with a pencil just to make surehe's still a quarter inch taller than me =)
5. I have no wisdom teeth, lucky me! They just never came in.
5. What would you tell your 16-year-old self?
Everything is worth it, even if none of it makes sense.
Nothing is going to go as you planned, be okay with that.
Keep dreaming.. Channing Tatum still lives there =)


  1. ;) Love the costume! Great work for less than $10! The 80's? Hahaha! I only have 3 wisdom teeth.... weird, I know. New follower from GFC hop! Hope you'll come by and follow along too. Feel free to link up in the MilSO community and if you grab the button I'll grab yours and put it there too! :)



  2. Wisdom teeth are wierd... Grabbed your button and added my link =) I have to admit though, I spent a minute or two trying to figure out what the SO stood for! I'll blame it on the fact that its not 8am yet!

  3. Hey there! Visiting you from the GFC Blog Hop. I love this link party, it is one that I join in pretty much every week. There are always great blogs that I haven't seen before linked up. I am now a follower :D yay! Looking forward to keeping up with things around here.
    I have an awesome sponsor showcase going on right now. Great giveaway with lots of great prizes. I would love for you to get your name in the drawing. Here's the link:
    Hope to talk with ya soon!

    Pointing Up