Daiso: THE 100 Yen store

I'm a sucker for anything cheap and if it's even a little bit decent quality, even better!

 Here in Japan, the current yen rate is going between 76 and 78 yen to the dollar. That might sound like a lot for a dollar, but it's not. One yen is comparable to one penny, and so 100 yen would be about One dollar.. or 100 pennies. Except the Yen is worth more, so 100 yen is about $1.25 give or take with the daily fluctuation of the yen rate.

This can make shopping a bit frustrating since everything off base seems to be so expensive! Lucky for me the Japanese also believe in THE DOLLAR STORE!!!! Yay! Here it is the 100 yen store or DAISO. Unlike most dollar stores in the states, Daiso carries a wide variety of very decent quality items... all for 100 Yen!!

Yen always seems like fake play money to me, so I rarely keep any on me since it just burns a hole in my pocket.. but when I do, here's my favorite place to shop!!

There are many "100 yen" stores in Japan, but Daiso (seen above) is my favorite. They always seem to have a better selection.

Keegan also loves Daiso, there are so many colorful things to play with. The good news is, everything is only 100yen so he usually walks out with a few goodies.

Here's a sneak peak at all the usefule things you can find at Daiso.


I love the kiddie cups and plates! They are so durable and even dishwasher safe.. I think. At least I've put them in the dishwasher and they haven't melted, yet!

Consider yourself warned: Daiso is a children's wonderland! Most of their items come in a variety of vibrant colors! I spent mretime chasing my child than actually shopping.. but hey it wore him out right?

Happy shopping!!

Let me know about your favorite local finds!


  1. Where is this 100yen? Been here 3.5 years and never seen it!

  2. I like to go to the one on 329, just past Ishikawa circle. It is in the same parking lot as CoCo Ichibanya, but I'm pretty sure there is a Daiso inside most San A's as well!

  3. I love Asia dollar stores, they are sooo cute!
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  4. I miss the 100yen stores....:( Dollar Tree just doesn't measure up.

  5. Came across your post on Pinterest. I love the 100 yen store! We live in Misawa. The best time to go is when the yen rate is in the 120's or higher. We have been floating around 112-115 lately and it just seems so depressing. Anyways, I have no idea what i am going to do without my 100 yen store when we move!