Off to "Italy"

This “trip” is part of our adventure around the world. If you would like to see how it all started or where else we’ve been, start here.

Italy just screams romance to me. So naturally, as I was planning our trip around the world, Italy came to mind first. It just so happened that a local wine festival was scheduled for the same month. That made it a no brainer!
This trip was originally planned for August, however due to a typhoon sweeping by the island, the festival was postponed two weeks. Other than having to swap our Friday night tickets for tickets on Saturday night, everything went as planned.
Okinapa.. where to begin?
We dropped K off with the sitter and headed to the festival around one. As soon as we arrived, we were handed wine glasses and a list of all the wines available (there were hundreds!! From all around the world). We didn’t waist anytime and headed to the first table of wines. I’ll admit, Mikael and I went to the same festival last year, so we already knew what our favorite tables would be, but Mikael was a good sport and still tried many other wines on the list. I, of course, just pointed to the wines I was curious about and had the waiter fill Mikael’s glass. I think he was having trouble drinking for two!
I drank for two, too!! Water that is. They even had sparkling water so I at least got to feel a little bit cool!
We ate intermittently throughout the event. Mostly because there is a baby cramping my stomach and Mikael just needed to balance the wine from time to time! The food was absolutely delicious! I meant to take pictures of the spread or at least my plates full (yes, there were many), but I was so engrossed in just eating everything that I forgot. We ate plenty of pastas, cheeses, and even crepes for desert. The also served a bit of local fare: Yakitori, Gyoza, and a few other seafood dishes, which are always Mikael’s favorite. Needless to say, we were stuffed by the time we left.
After tasting countless wines, Mikael and I had several stars next to our favorites and headed to the sale room. The room for purchasing is full of all the sampled wines and organized by table and number, which made it very easy to find what we were looking for. We lucked out, having only two of our “star” wines be sold out. It’s not uncommon for many wines to sell out on Friday night of the event. We do, after all, live on a very little island in the pacific with a very small wine selection… and let’s face it, people just need their wine!!
We filled our basket and had them all boxed an ready to go. We made out with 12 bottles (and got a discount for buying a cases worth) and spent a little over $100.00, which I thought was great.  The really great part is that you get the case discount even if all 12 wines are different!
We are now stocked on wine for a while and I certainly can’t wait to enjoy a glass after this baby arrives. I’m sure I’ll need it by then.
Our trip to Italy wasn’t as Italian as it could have been, but it was a much needed and well enjoyed date for both of us.
 I have to add that I have the greatest babysitter in the world and am so lucky to have such great support so far from home. It’s nice to be able to go out and not be so worrisome about my baby!
September will take us to GREECE, so make sure you stay tuned for our next adventure!


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