Labor: What they won't tell you!

Okay, let’s talk about GIVING BIRTH!
 Mostly about what no one told me.
Giving birth is a beautiful thing. It really is, no matter how cliché it sounds. I know, I’ve done it TWICE! And both times I was in awe.
To know that I helped create life.
My body was a vessel for another being for almost 10 months. How cool is that?
How lucky am I? Because not everyone is as blessed as I am to be able to even carry a child.
It’s just beautiful.
Creating life, that is.
…Because let’s face it, the whole labor thing is one ugly, wretched, awful, excuse my language, bitch.
Someone has probably told you not to worry, because although it hurts (Very much an understatement) and it can sometimes last a long time (also an understatement), once you have your baby in your arms, you’ll forget all about the labor.
This might be true, but I’d like to put a very large sum of money on the fact that my husband will NEVER let me forget what happened during labor. I’m sure he’s also not going to let a lot of other people forget what happened during my labor, so I’ll just beat him to the punch and fill you all in.
I expected lots of things to happen while in labor.
 I expected to be in pain, and I was, oh yes I was!
I expected to be all wet and leaky with amniotic fluid, and I was.
I expected to feel a little sick and possibly throw up, and I did.
I expected to be moody and tired, and I was.
I did NOT expect to have an uncontrollable bowel movement, but oh yea.. I did that too!
Yep, you read that right. I just could not stop pooping!
I had been in active labor for about 6 hours when I started to feel my contractions again (for the first time after getting the epidural... maybe 4 hours prior.) They were a painful but not as excruciating as before I got the epidural. Every time I had a contraction, I felt the urge to poop. Normal right? I mean at least I thought so. I actually got excited because I had the same sensation just moments before I was told I was ready to push with Keegan. So I thought for sure I was having a baby in the next ten minutes!
I let Mikael know and told him just to wait a few more contractions to see if it keeps up before he got the nurse.  
There was another contraction… and there was the urge to poop. Okay, baby soon?
And then again. And again.
And then… what the heck was that?!
I can only imagine the look on my face when I told my husband I thought I pooped my pants!
He laughed at me and let me know that wasn’t possible since I wasn’t wearing pants. Thanks smartass…
...But I think I just pooped myself! I made him hand me a box of tissues and find the baby wipes I saw the nurse use earlier.
Sure enough that just happened to me.
The contractions that had me gripping the bedrail not even 5 minutes before had suddenly been masked by an overwhelming amount of embarrassment.
And every time I had a contraction, more and more just kept coming out… seriously? My husband oh so graciously donned blue surgical gloves and held open the trash bag for my wipes and tissues. I know, I scored a real keeper didn’t I?
That has to be true love.
After about 15 minutes of this, the nurse came in and I let her know I was having an uncontrollable bowel movement, to which she responded by asking me if I wanted her to “clean me up”…
What? ... No!
I’m embarrassed enough that it’s even happening and you think I want you to wipe my ass… Please let me keep a little bit of my dignity… She swore this happens all the time and she didn’t mind because it was her job…
Yea, I just kept “cleaning” myself as it came... I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even notice my contractions anymore.
I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide!
The nurse did check my cervix though, since an involuntary bowel movement can be a sign that the baby is bearing down and ready to come out.
And he was.
So she called in the doctor and rest of the team. In less than 20 minutes and 10 pushes, Ronin was born.
And that was beautiful.
I was embarrassed and swore I would never tell a soul, but it happened and that’s real. And maybe just a little funny… now. I know I’m not alone and I won’t be ashamed. I might not forget about this labor, but at least I’ll laugh about it. Hope you do too.


  1. Definitely one of my worst fears and it happened. Not quite as bad as yours but it happened. I just looked at my husband and said, "I think I pooped!" and laughed. What else was I supposed to do? LOL

  2. Very beautiful post...embarrassing details and all!

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    I co-hosted the Return the Favor Blog hop last week, but was sick so I'm just now getting around to checking out all of the blogs and following.

    I loved this post! Cold, hard truth presented in a funny way! This is one thing I am absolutely terrified about when it comes to having babies! Glad to know it really does happen to most ladies!

    Hope you're having an awesome day!


  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I remember that moment! It was so frightening! Applause for the humor and utter truth in this post!


  5. oh wow thats crazy. one thing i have to look forward to in life i guess.

  6. I love your honesty here! And I was laughing hard at the e-card in the middle of your story!!

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  7. This is definitely one of those things people don't talk about. Thanks for sharing though!! New follower.


  8. I can't say that I did that during labor but I can say that unlike you my doctor wasn't in the room either time I gave birth

  9. haha too funny! very interesting though! congrats!

    found the route

  10. Haha! This great!! I def have heard that happens! Congratulations on your new little soul!

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