Zukeran Egg shop and Mini Zoo

Okay, So I'm not even sure this qualifies as a "mini zoo," but we'll go with that. Keegan and I headed to the Zukeran egg shop and mini zoo this week with our playgroup friends. It's small and pretty much a hole in the wall with animals, but the kids loved it and they burned quite a bit of energy running around to see everything.

If you're in Okinawa, the egg shop is located on the 16, just off the 329.

Here are some of the animals held here...

...I'm pretty sure none of them should be living in sub-tropical Japan.

Yes, that is a Kangaroo..

This sign was posted outside of a monkey cage, I'm pretty sure he bites!

The Japanese are famous for the way they just throw things together. This is the playground, which has obviously suffered a few typhoons, though is surprisingly still standing. The kids happened to find it, as much as we tried to stay out of sight, we didn't let them play here very long.

And here's the real reason anyone should ever go to this place...

No, no I was not talking about the eggs.. those.. down there!


They are seriously so delicious and only 150 yen!!! Plus they box them up nice and pretty and send them home with an ice pack. I love all the little touches the Japanese add, it always makes my day.

Okay so I also bought some eggs. I had to try them, fresh and local!
And they were only 320 yen for the bucket!

Keegan scored some custard/pudding/flan type dish. Also delish!

It was a fun day, I'm really loving all the group adventures we've been going on lately!


  1. I found you through the weekend walk blog hop and I'm your newest follower!

    Your son is too cute! I bet it is quite an experience living in another country. I greatly respect military wives! You guys deserve an award or something.

    A family I know just moved to Japan because her husband is in the Marines. They're more than likely in the same place as you.


    1. I love it here, though I miss shopping and of course our family back home.

      There aren't many places in Japan for Marines to be stationed, are your friends in Okinawa?! Contact me if they need anything! Anything.. really, a ride to the airport, a coffee date..

      Thanks for following!

  2. wow this is blowing my mind its so different.

  3. hey Ashlee! your son is adorable!
    i am a new follower! i saw your comment on Pointing Up Guest Post! i was the one who wrote the post.

    it looks like you had an amazing time!