Ninja Mommy

Naps are pretty hard to come by these days, but so is time for myself.
I'm still not sure which one is more important.
But yesterday, something pretty amazing happened.
I got both! Yes, I got to sleep and have a little time to myself.
See, I'm starting to get really good at this nap-time routine where both boys fall asleep at the same time.. or around the same time any.
I know that Ronin needs to eat at 11, so if I give Keegan lunch around 1045, he can eat and finish whi.e I'm feeding R. When he's done, he gets his elmo book... it has to be elmo. Then I'll finish feeding R and burp him. As I'm burping him I'll just make the ShhhShhh sound and it makes them both sleepy. It puts them to sleep in a matter of ten minutes (usually way less for Ronin, but he's a professional sleeper these days!)
So there I was, both my boys asleep. I ran a list of things I needed to do through my head... clean the house, work on my blog, some homework, write-up a grocery list, take a nap.
Yep, nothing important.. other than take a nap!
So I dozed off on the couch with my two handsome boys snuggled up. I figured Keegan would just wake me up eventually. But he didn't!!
I woke up about an hour and a half late, amazed that I wasn't falling over from exhaustion.. because that's usually how I wake up. Yes, I know it's backwards. And the boys were still asleep. I knew I had at least a half hour until Ronin would need to eat, and if Iwas lucky, Keegan would sleep just as long.
There was only one problem. Ronin was cemented to my chest where he had fallen asleep while I burped him and Keegan was lead heavy on my leg.
Slowly but surely I crept my way out from underneath them making sure to replace my leg with a pillow for Keegan and gently putting Ronin down in his bassinette.
(Cue Ninja Mommy Music)
I snuck down the hall and into the other room easing the dorr open so it didn't creak. I made it!
I couldn't believe it. And they slept for another 30 minutes!
I don't count on that happening too often, but I sure won't complain that it did!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your mustache in your header lol

  2. yay for you!! That sure doesn't happen a lot but here's hoping it happens again soon!!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  3. Hope this becomes a new norm for you! It lasted about 6 months in our house before my oldest decided to give up naps. And now that my youngest gave up her pacis, she doesn't want to take naps anymore either. Yikes!

  4. It sounds like a great day:) Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Mommy Moments!


  5. Thank you for coming by and commenting on my blog today. I love this post. Naps are truly essential to survival!


  6. Haha... I did this exact thing today! I'm a new follower :-)


  7. I remember those days. I am so happy for you. A nap and thirty minutes to yourself is impressive. But the more impressive thing is your ninja moves. They are the star of the show and why you got your extra 30 minutes.

  8. Awesome! I definitely try to get as much done during naptime as possible. The days that I try to nap when baby's asleep, my mind just reels with all the things I "have" to do, keeping me from zz's most of the time. Go ninja mommy! Great job. I applaud you being able to slip out from underneath two sleeping kids. That's not an easy challenge. Thank you Ashlee for linking up with me again this week.