Air Freshener Fail.

The best part about being new to blogging is all the time I spend looking at other blogs. I've found so many that I love for a zillion different reasons.
I LOVE Our Homemade Happiness for all of her homemade alternatives for chemical filled household products. I would love to go completely green and use all of my own cleaners, but I've been stuck on Lysol and Windex for so long, the transition is just not that easy. Especially when my husband doesn't exactly see eye to eye on the whole vinegar-based-cleaners-really-work thing. And I wouldn't want to discourage him from helping around the house! =)
Anyway, I decided to start with the easy stuff. When I moved to Okinawa, I had a few friends that sold scentsy and I was instantly hooked. I mean like I changed the scents every few days kinda hooked. I haven't been using them lately though, I guess I've just been busy and lazy. And both of my friends have left the island so I haven't had anyone to order from. So, my house hasn't been smelling as Fan-freaking-tastic as it usually does. When I read OHH's post about natural air fresheners, it was a no brainer that I had to try at least one.
Again I went for the easy one. Because it was, well.. easy & I had all the supplies on hand already.
Boil Water, Fruit and Spices.. How easy!!
I used an orange and lemon and then added a stick of cinnamon and a drop or two of vanilla. I boiled and simmered and IT WORKED. It made my house smell fresh. OHH said to do this on and off for a few days before tossing the goods.
Here comes the FAIL part.
I followed the instructions. My house smelled great for a while. Until... Tuesday morning. I was getting ready for work and as I was making breakfast I turned on the burner to boil the water. I thought once it was boiling I would turn it down and let it simmer for a half hour or so before I had to leave. And I PROMISED myself I would not forget. I swore I would turn it off when I came back into the kitchen to grab my water.
I'm sure you know where this is going.
Luckily for me I came home on my lunch break...5 hours later! I'm pretty sure my house would have been on fire had I waited any longer. My entire house smelled of charred mess. My smoke alarm also never went off, so I'm pretty sure I need to check those batteries.
I'll be trying this again.. but I'm going to wait a bit to let this episode die down. I'm sure I'll be hearing about it for a while!
Let me know if you have better luck!

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  1. how bad did your house smell after that? ive done that before too.. took forever to get the burnt smell out!