Learning to Breathe.

This pregnancy has been really draining on me lately. It doesn’t help that my husband has been working some pretty crazy hours, so I haven’t had much help entertaining Keegan while I try to keep up with things around the house.  So what I’ve been doing is playing with Keegan until he goes to bed and then staying up super late to get things done... and then waking up super early for work. What a vicious cycle, is it Friday yet? I guess I’ve just been super tired which has led me to be easily frustrated and that combined with a lavish amount of hormones has led to more bouts of ridiculous crying than I would like to admit to.
Last night I finally got some relief through Yoga. I haven’t been able to go in over a month since Keegan’s swim lessons were at the same time.  I admit I wasn’t a fan of Yoga at first (you have to be so quiet and patient... two things I am definitely not), but I have found a rare sense of peace during yoga. Does that sound weird and clichĂ©? I think so too, but it’s so true.  Yoga somehow manages to calm all my stresses, fears, and any negativity every time I go.  I like to close my eyes during most of the class, except for those moves that get really tricky, and it gives me time to reflect on myself and why I’m feeling however I feel that day.  It’s amazing how I can talk myself out of stress and fear in a quiet environment.  I hardly ever hear quiet anymore.
Yesterday I realized how much I’ve been overwhelming myself lately. I’ve been trying so hard to keep up with work, housework and being supportive for my husband that I’ve forgotten to take care of myself.  I am firm believer  that pregnant women are fully capable of doing everyday things they did prior to pregnancy, whether it’s running, lifting things, or working full-time, but even pre-pregnancy I would need a nap to keep up with all the things I’m doing these days. 
With less than 6 weeks before the baby arrives, I’ve decided it’s time to slow down a bit. I’m going to breathe a little more and spend extra quality time with Keegan before he becomes a big brother!  I’m also going to squeeze in more time for myself, whether it’s Yoga, a pedicure, or just some time to read a book.  It’s hard enough to find time now, I can hardly imagine how much I’ll struggle to find “me” time with two kiddos.
No laundry folding for me tonight! Yay!!
Just Breathe.


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