Quality Time.

Just spending some quality time with Keegan. We're together a lot but life (by life I mean chores and responsiblities, boo) seems to get in the way, so it's been a bit since we've really had a good long bonding session. I've really missed this and in a way it makes me sad that it won't be just Keegan and I anymore. Don't get me wrong, I am totally psyched for the new baby, and of course I'll love them both just the same, but I know how hard it will be for Keegan to adjust. And I'm not sure that he'll understand why he has to share me (and Mikael, of course) with someone else all of a sudden. It breaks my heart that he'll be sad and might question something so concrete as my love. I hope he embraces the big brother role (we've been practicing with babydolls!) and stays the cute little snuggle bug that he is.

Just some thoughts.


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