A Cookie Making Flashback.

So the other day, I was making these delicious bad boys:

...while this adorable bad boy ordered me around the kitchen,
and the other monster napped.

 I used one of these "old-fashioned" things:

All the while, I day-dreamt about this baby! 

And as I was drooling over daydreaming about the KitchenAid, I started reminiscing.

I remember countless sleepovers with my girlfriends which ALWAYS involved a batch or two of snickerdoodle cookies. The most delicious cookie ever.
(Here is a great recipe)

We always made them from complete scratch (still my favorite way to make cookies). No mixes, no pre-made dough. And we would add the ingredients one by one and takes turns mixing... WITH A FORK!! I remember my arms getting tired from the dough being so hard to mix sometimes. But man, I wanted to mix that cookie dough. We would argue about who got to mix the dough next and you bet your bottom dollar I pitched a fit if one of my girlfriends got to mix it longer (Hey, we play even steven around here!) Those were the days! and probably the moments that instilled in me a love for baking.

So, I'm on a mission to make sure my kids have moments like those. I want them to make cookies like I did and fight over who gets to mix the dough next and lick cookie dough from the forks that just made their arms feel like jello. I want them to be covered in flour after it flies in their face as they try to mix. I want them to enjoy bites of cookie dough that THEY made! I want them to have those memories.

That being said, I still want that kitchen aid - So, if you see my husband, let him know =)

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