Coming Soon: Dear Ash

Hopefully, you saw my Facebook post earlier this week with the following message:

I've LOVED "Dear Abby" ever since I was little! Although her column still lives on in her Daughter's hands, the original Dear Abby, aka Pauline Phillips, passed away last week =( RIP

She was witty and wise all at the same time!

Sooooo, I'm super excited to announce... As a Tribute to one of my writing idols, I will be starting a Friday night series, "Dear Ash" !!!!!

I'll obviously need your help, so please send me all your questions, curiosities, and life wonders! Let's see what we can tackle!

Please message or e-mail: laugh_with_ash@yahoo.com

I am soooooo beyond excited about this. And I know what you're thinking.. What business do I - a 20-something, relatively un-exeperienced mother and wife- have writing an advice column? Probably no business at all. But I'm here, with two good ears for listening, eyes for reading, and hands for typing. My mind is clear and my opinion is unbiased, as I have never met you. I have three passions in life: writing, helping others, and laughing.. so it seems to me that they just all go hand-in-hand on this one.  

I'm not promising to give you the best worldly and wise advice, and I'm not promising to answer ALL your questions. I'm just promising to put my whole heart into this and have a little bit of fun writing and responding to whatever matters are on your heart. I hope you'll help me get started so we can go live next week. 

So Please, seriously.. send me your questions.
Help a girl out!

If all goes well, Dear Ash will become a Friday night mainstay on this blog.

"Dear Abby: I joined the Navy to see the world. I've seen it. Now, how do I get out?

Dear Navy: Simple. Go to your superior officer and say these 2 words: I'm Gay."

(Not so much anymore! But still made me laugh =) ) 


  1. That is such a great idea Ashlee...I'll be sure to get some questions to you when I can think straight ... my brain is wiped out.
    This has been such a LONG week!


  2. Haha I laughed as well :) Great idea! I may just have to email you... :)

    "Stalking" your blog from Peacoats and Plaid!