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I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing these lovely ladies on my sidebar all month! 

I am so excited they decided to join me as I got back into blogging and got everything situated! 

Here they are! 
Meet them, Stalk them, Follow them. 
Go say hi! 

They have some goodies for you!!!

Miss Lanaya from Raising Reagan 

Five Fun Facts about her:
1. I love the sound of my typing.
2. I could sit with Reagan and watch the movie Tangled over and over again.
3. I'm too organized sometimes I forget what I did with things I put away.
4. My blog was just ranked #2 Up and Coming by BlogLovin and is ranked #31 overall in Family Blogs.
5. I'm super stoked to see what 2013 is going to bring for me and my family!

And she's giving you:

60 Days of Premier ad space at Raising Reagan

(I seriously love her name. When I have a daughter, she will be named Logan. -no creepiness intended)

Five Fun Facts about her:
1. I am a coffee addict
2. All I do is read in my spare time..
3. ...which is why I created my blog in the first place - to talk about the books I have read and to discover new books.
4. I am married to the love of my life, Ryan.
5. We have a sweet maltipoo named Pippa

Miss Jennifer from Spry on the Wall

Five Fun Facts about her:
1. I earn my living as a textile designer.
2. My blog is a mix of outfit posts, runway reviews and various other style/fashion related goodies.
3. I'm addicted to pretty much every show on Bravo.
4. I love to read (make sure you check out her "books I've read" tab on my blog for reviews)
5. I'm a bargain shopper who loves a deal!

And she's giving you:

$10 Gift Card to STARBUCKS

Miss Hailey from Love, Laughter and Lipstick

Five Fun Facts about her:
1. I stay at home with my two favorite {people}
2. I drink way too much Starbucks.
3. My Tuesday nights haven't been the same since Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air - Gilmore Girls was a close second.
4. I make lists for everything.
5. I have over 315 Bare Escentuals eye shadows.

And she's giving you:

$10 Sephora Reward Certificate

Five Fun Facts about her:
1. Most of the time when I eat, i can't have foods touching eachother on my plate. Turkey and Mashed potatoes can but the corn cannot tough either.
2. I've never been further west than Nebraska, but I've been to 3 European countries.
3. I work for nuns.
4. AC/DC is my favorite band.
5. The Field Museum is my favorite Chicago museum.
-And she's a Pampered Chef Consultant too, woo woo!-

And she's giving you:

This Pampered Chef Gift Pack

Miss Cat from Stuff I Love

Five Fun Facts about her:
1.  I have a degree in Drama
2.  I started the Operation Feed the Lambs project to raise money for charities dedicated to ending hunger for children.
3. I've been to a few other countries.
4.  I have just one sibling, my sister.
5. I have three pretty cool kids!

And you already know me, but I'm also giving away 30 days of REALLY REALLY BIG ad space here at Laugh with Ash!

So go on, meet my friends and enter the giveaway!

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  1. You put together a great giveaway Ashlee ~
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