Did you Hear the News?!

We're moving back to the United States!!!

Sometime this fall, we'll be South Carolina bound. I am just freaking ecstatic!

While I love Japan, 3 years is enough. 

Here are the things I'm most excited for:

Not having to ask this question! Though in Japanese it looks something like this: 
英語が話せますか? - Sounds something like - Eigo ga Wakarimaska?

 Target!!! With real shopping carts and fitting rooms, ahhh.

 A real grocery store. One that doesn't close at 6pm on weekend and is open every day of the week! 
(I realize there will be no Meijer where I'm headed, but I'm sure I'll find the equivalent =) )

&& My family will be just a 13 hour drive away! Road Trips woop woop!

That being said, there are still millions of things I'd like to do and see here in Okinawa before we leave. Guess I should start my bucket list now! 

Anyone going to be in my neck of the woods? 


  1. Congratulations!!! That has got to be SO exciting!

  2. I made my Oki bucket list last fall after I realized we had left than a year on island. As much as I love this island and don't ever want to leave, there are things I'm looking foward to.

  3. Awesome! Where will you all be? I'm in Augusta, Ga right on the GA/SC border - about an hour west of Columbia. I guess the equivalent to Meijer would be Publix.

  4. WOW~~ So excited for you! Welcome back to the US!


  5. Hey thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I follow your blog too. I enjoy meeting other military spouse bloggers. And can totally relate to this list. When we were in Japan, I seriously missed Target! We have been in the US for two years and I'm still not sick of that store :)

  6. I was raised in Charleston and go back to visit all the time! You will love SC!